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About My Love of Drawing and More

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Drawing was my first love when it comes to expressing myself artistically. I have been drawing since I can remember and likely even before and I still recall a Christmas in my early childhood when I was gifted a large set of Crayolas and a large paper pad and chalks and a chalk board as one of the best Christmases ever. I felt acknowledged and very happy and started drawing right after opening these gifts. In my opinion, my parents had hit a jackpot with their choices. I still have vivid visual memories of this, more so than almost any other Christmas I can recall.

When it comes to artistic efforts in the past month, I have been mainly drawing, creating small black on white and grayscale ink and ink with pencil drawings on paper in stream of consciousness style. These drawings are mainly abstract, with figurative and organic and geometric aspects and patterns. I have also been using some of these drawings to create mixed media compilations and reversed works in my usual style. I am sharing some of these original drawings with you here in this blog. If you are interested in buying any of these, contact me and we can agree on details.

Now into an update regarding my exhibitions. I am currently participating in Shimmer Exhibition at June Steingart Gallery at Laney College in Oakland. This exhibition will hang until May 2, 2022, on which date it will come down. By clicking on the links provided later in this sentence, you can get more information on this exhibition, which is happening in two locations, invitational at Abrams Claghorn Gallery,, and juried at the Laney Gallery, . Do drop by if you are in the neighborhoods!

The day I wrote this blog was Easter Sunday and I so wish that peace would prevail on earth and that we as humanity would stop fighting each other and allow the goodness in our hearts take the place of evil and corruption. We can choose to make wise and loving choices and we do not have to follow every bad impulse that comes along. We really do have the ability to reason and we also have the ability to see potential outcomes from different actions and inactions. We can make earth heaven and we can make it hell. The choice is ours and the leaders in this world carry an enormous responsibility when it comes to making choices. My heart goes out to the Ukrainian people and people in any war torn countries. May the leaders in this world start making wise choices that bless us all instead of tearing us apart.

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I welcome your comments and likes and inquiries.

Here below are some of my recent drawings. From left to right: The Great And The Small, In Loops and Lines, In The Eye Of The Beholder, Seeking Connection and Every Thing Matters. To see the full drawings, click on the thumbnails and contact me if you are interested in learning more.

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2 comentarios
19 abr 2022

Always great to read about you and your art. I like the story about your early artistic tendencies… if we all had more of that in our hearts the world would certainly be more peaceful… Good luck with your shows…Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with the world.

Me gusta
Helena Tiainen
Helena Tiainen
19 abr 2022
Contestando a

Hi Adriana: Thank you so very much for your kind words and kind thoughts!

Me gusta
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