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In The Middle Of It All

Past few weeks have been challenging for the world and also for me. I had an unfortunate accident and injured my right foot and ankle, causing several ligament and muscle sprains. This happened a little over three weeks ago and I am just now starting to feel kind of normal, although I still limp a bit and have aches and pains, but the swelling and bruising are gone. I have never twisted my ankle like this before and it is lucky that I did not need medical care for this injury. I was in pain most of the time for the past three weeks, even with the help of some over the counter pain killers, that basically just took off the edge of the pain, making it kind of tolerable. But having ongoing pain that is significant enough is a major intrusion on doing anything that takes effort, including art. It is exhausting. And of course I was supposed to stay off my feet in order to heal, which I did as much as I could. But I could not stay off my feet totally.

During this same time of me nursing my injuries the world learned about the new omicron variant and Covid-19 cases turned upward again. I was lucky to get my booster shot already, so, this is one less concern I personally need to have, but I do have concern for those who refuse to get vaccinated due to rumors and deceitful stories about the dangers of the vaccinations. Mainly because these people create a fertile ground for the virus to mutate and even if they themselves have no symptoms but are infected, they can pass the virus on to others who might end up dying. I know there are some very legitimate health reasons for not getting the shots but I personally consider getting vaccinated a public responsibility when the pathogen is potentially life threatening. I would not want to be responsible for making anyone else sick if I can avoid this.

Regardless of all of this, I have been drawing and have completed one work that I am sharing here. The title of this is "In The Middle of It All". The size is 12 by 9 inches and this is ink and pencil on acid free paper. I am selling this unframed, but if so desired, framing can be arranged. Contact me at for details. You can also purchase printed on demand (POD) products with this art at FAA/Pixels. Just click on this link to see the selection:

In my usual fashion I have also created some arrangements with this drawing. I will be adding these on FAA/Pixels in near future, so, if you are curious, keep an eye out for them!

Happy Holidays to All!

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