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One New Acrylic and Many Digital Collages

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Instead of writing a lot, I have decided to keep this short and share my new work, The Joy of Design LXV. This is painting number 65 in my ongoing series of small square acrylic paintings on canvas, the scans of which I also use to create digital collages. You can find out more about TJOD LXV in The Joy of Design Series gallery listed under my Portfolio.

Recently I have created eight new digital collages with the scans of the first 64 paintings in The Joy of Design Series. I have also created inverted versions of these and am planning on creating some color variations. But to start with I chronologically arranged and then quadrupled these 64 scans and altered the orientations of the four panels to create different arrangements with them.

It never ceases to amaze me how different the arrangements look from each other when I toss and turn the panels around. Just to give you an idea of the first 64 paintings in chronological order, I am including an image of these in this blog. This digital collage is titled The Joy of Design 64 Paintings Arrangement 1. The first original acrylic painting created in the TJOD series is The Joy of Design I, which in this image is located in the first position on top left and the last one on bottom right in this image is The Joy of Design LXIV. Keep in mind that all of these works, from TJOD 1 to TJOD 64, are also created to stand alone or in groupings with each other in almost any kind of order. They are all also designed to hang in any of the eight directions, including the four diagonal ones. You can view these individual paintings at Like I have stated before, the potential with these works is nearly endless with the help of digital magic.

You can view the quadrupled artwork arrangements at FAA/Pixels by clicking on the following link: At the point of writing this blog I may not have posted all of the works I have created with the first 64 yet, but if you keep on checking, more will follow.

Although some of the paintings in my The Joy of Design Originals are minimalist, most are maximalist in style and the compilations and arrangements created with these definitely come across as maximalist, with a few exceptions, which are mainly arrangements created with paintings in progress. All of these works are intended to be eye candy and a mirror to the viewer, since so much can be observed in any of the arrangements based on one's personal experience and mental associations and understandings. In these works I invite the audiences to look and then look again to see what they will discover. I personally never cease to see new things in these works and I hope they will also trigger wonder in you.

All currently unsold originals in The Joy of Design Series are offered for sale. Contact me for details. You can also purchase these and more of my art printed on demand on a variety of products at FAA/Pixels. Some of my artworks are also available at RedBubble and Spoonflower. Check them out!

Thank you for reading my blogs! I appreciate your interest, likes, views and comments. I will be blogging next in two to three weeks. Until then, enjoy!

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Jul 01, 2021

Dear Helena, I love these arrangements! Your paintings are so powerful and when they are aligned like tiles the result is sublime! Thank you for sharing your art journey with us in your blog! 😍

Helena Tiainen
Helena Tiainen
Jul 01, 2021
Replying to

Thank you very much for your kind words, Adriana! I am so lucky and glad that I have your support and friendship💕

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