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Some Unfortunate Circumstances

I apologize for the delay in regard to this blog that was supposed to be posted in mid November. My life took over, making it impossible for me to proceed with blogging. First Greg and I had really bad head colds that dragged on and on and made us completely exhausted and miserable. And then suddenly a leak started from upstairs apartment's bathroom, we think clean water from shower pipes, and we are still dealing with this flow with piles of rags. The leak is mainly coming through the bottom of two walls in our downstairs apartment, but some of it is also dripping through the archway and coming through the walls, so we are talking about a pretty large area, which we have had to clear out in order to avoid further damage to my art and our furniture and also in preparation to finding and fixing the problem(s). This leak was supposed to get handled this week, but the maintenance person got sick, so, we are still waiting and coping with the leak with rags to the best of our ability. It is a watery mess!!!

In spite of this chaos and disorder, I have been able to make some art, mainly mixed media and drawing. I am only going to share one recent piece with you in this post, because it truly is my desire to spread joy and not suffering, regardless of my own circumstances. I hope to be able to write another blog in a week or so, with more art related news to share. Until then, here is Joy To The World, a mixed media piece that you can order printed on a variety of customizable products at RedBubble. Here is the link: I hope your holidays are going well and I also hope to share more better news in about a week!

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