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2024 Starts With Challenges

January has been something else for us. First half went by battling Covid-19. Greg tested positive on January 1st and I two days later. We have no idea where this bug came from, since we had done everything we know to protect ourselves when out in public. Over here in the SF Bay Area most people have stopped wearing masks. Well, we have not. But we got sick anyway. Luckily on day 12 to 13 both of us had overcome the illness enough to test negative. But tiredness and cough and sinus issues lingered further. As a matter of fact some of these are still in the picture, nearly four weeks later. But nothing is as bad as it was in the early days of the virus, when my temperature shot up to 102 Fahrenheit, but came down within three days. The first day was the worst with shivering and chills and other strong symptoms. In January I suffered loss of income due to having to isolate and I had already suffered loss of income due to other people's illnesses with Covid earlier in November and December, when I could not work with my clientele due to them being sick and having to isolate as directed by health officials.

Soon after overcoming Covid, we had a kind of a catastrophic breakdown with our car, which lost all of its power and would not budge. The car is back from the mechanic now, but the work done on it was rather expensive. It needed a new alternator and battery, and complete fuse box.  Someone, who gives advice regarding cars online, stated that having to have the fuse box replaced was rare and unfortunate. These normally do not have to be replaced and will work for the life of the car. Well, I suppose we were not the fortunate ones.

Other than these challenges, we are trying to return our life to normal. So far one kind person has taken me up on my 50% off original artworks until January 31 sale. I really have no choice in regard to offering this huge discount, since getting income is of essence and practically a matter of survival. I am very grateful in regard to this purchase and frankly I am hoping that more people will take me up on this offer during the few remaining days of the sale. If you are interested, just get back to me by January 31 with the link of the art you would like to get. You can email me at All original artworks by me normally priced at $200 or more are participating in this 50% off sale and I appreciate your consideration. Please note, no prints or printed-on-demand products are part of this offer, only original drawings and paintings are discounted.

I am illustrating this blog with my recent artwork titled Walkabout the Universe and two arrangements I have created with its scans. The original unframed mixed media drawing on acid free paper is discounted to $200 during this sale (normal price is $400). It is sized 12 by 8.75 inches. Let me know if it is, or something else is, what you would like. Check out my portfolio here, at, for some of my art and if you wish to see more, go to FAA/Pixels at

If you find yourself interested in taking me up on my very limited time offer, I look forward to hearing from you and I thank you very much! But remember that I will need to hear from you by January 31, even if the transactions will be handled thereafter.

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Jan 28

Dear Helena,

I am sorry to read about your misfortunes at the beginning of the year. So happy you and Greg overcame them!!! I wish you the best for the upcoming months and especially for your big sale! I hope you get a lot of collectors to enjoy your beautiful work.



Helena Tiainen
Helena Tiainen
Jan 29
Replying to

Thank you kindly, Adriana!

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