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A Billion Little Things

Spring is here and this makes me happy. Days are getting longer and sunnier and I feel this is having a positive effect on me. I am starting to feel more alive and overall motivated. This past winter was very challenging, with Covid-19 and all, and I am looking forward to lighter and brighter times.

I admit that I am truly trying to concentrate on what is working in my life and in this world instead of focusing on all the plentiful problems that seem to be never-ending. Some days this is easier and other days harder, but my focus is in the here and now and when I encounter pain or disappointment in any form I keep on telling myself that this also will pass because I know that here on planet earth everything changes and nothing stays the same. This gives me hope but also causes me discomfort when I have attachments and unfulfilled expectations. In my life experience it is not easy being human. We have so many demands put upon us by society. So many demands we put on ourselves and so much we need to handle in life. Many of these tasks are not something we would voluntarily choose to do, if it was up to us. But if we do not handle them, there will be undesirable consequences. I often feel like in this world we are all slaves to our needs and desires and obligations and the only true freedom we have is in choosing to change our attitudes when they don't serve a good purpose and benefit us. After all, it is easier to fulfill an unpleasant obligation with a good attitude than to go about it sulking in resentment. I know it is always good to look for the light instead of letting the darkness blind me. To me this is a huge ongoing lesson in life, since I prefer feeling good to feeling bad, like most human beings do.

I have noticed that asking myself what is possible is a great way to step beyond preconceived notions and hopefully break new ground. In this quest making art is a great tool. Letting art flow through me can be a very eye-opening experience. Here, to illustrate this blog, is one of my most recent drawings titled "A Billion Little Things". Everything in this drawing is put on the paper as it comes through, nothing is planned ahead of time and nothing is sketched or redone. So, yes, this is stream of consciousness work, ink on paper, that is available in original as well as print format. Message me if you are interested in the original and, if you are curious, go to

to see the available selection of print on demand products with this artwork.

As always, thank you for reading my blog and Happy Spring to you! And to those of you who live on the southern side of the globe, Happy Autumn! Please, do comment and like, if you feel called to do so.

A Billion Little Things by Helena Tiainen

Archival ink on acid free paper

12 by 8.70 inches

Available (until marked sold)

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Mar 20

Dear Helena,

You are such a beautiful soul. Being alive and being a human is challenging. Some days are better than others but I am glad Spring is bringing you a renewed focus and optimism much needed to keep the good work on earth. Happy Art! Enjoy the Spring!


Helena Tiainen
Helena Tiainen
Mar 20
Replying to

Adriana, Thank you for your encouragement, kindness and wisdom. I truly appreciate your beautiful sentiments!!!

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