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Inevitable Plusses and Minuses

There is a constant quest in my life to decide what to do or not to do. There is no end to making choices and I have come to believe that this is really the only place we have any control in life. Most of what happens in this world is outside our control, or at least outside of my control, and this seems to be the ongoing challenge I face in my life since so many things in this world are not what I would like them to be but there is so little beyond altering my own attitudes that I can do about this. In numerous ways life is very impersonal, even though all of us experience our own lives very personally. Living in a world of duality, of dark and light, of yes and no, of peace and violence and any seemingly juxtaposing forces and elements can be very complex indeed. As I get older I understand more and more how small I am in this universe and although there is a part of me that feels timeless and limitless, being in a body creates its own limits that any incarnated being experiences. This becomes extremely obvious when we are injured or experience illness or disability that alters our ability to function fully in this world. Vulnerability and mortality are facts that are not easy to swallow and yet, they are an inevitable part of life.


By now it is a known fact that we and all life on planet earth are made of the stuff from stars. I have been drawing inspiration from the fact that we are stardust and here are some of my recent works. These are titled We Are Stardust and Stardust Arrangement 3 and Stardust Arrangement 2 Inverted Variation 2 from left to right or maybe top to bottom if you are viewing this on a mobile device. The Stardust Arrangement 2 Inverted Variation 2 has a link to Redbubble where it can be custom ordered printed on a variety of products. If you have interest in the mixed media original on paper, We Are Stardust, or the digitally collaged compilation, Stardust Arrangement 3, please, contact me with your questions to find out more.


I wish you all bright and happy holidays regardless of the challenges we face personally, nationally and globally! Never give up hope and thank you for doing small kind deeds in the world!

PS I have added more art also on Fine Art America/Pixels. Here is a link to Goodwill in Yellow and Purple:

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