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About The Numerous Unknowns

There is still so much that we simply do not know as human beings. One of my favorite shows to watch is Cosmos, originally hosted by Carl Sagan and more recently by Neil deGrasse Tyson. I find this series both beautiful and fascinating as well as informational and inspiring. I personally feel that if this series is not part of high school curriculum at this point, it certainly ought to be. If we wish to create more out of the box thinkers and creative scientists and cultivate creativity at large, these kind of programs are priceless.

One of the things that baffles me is how many people seem to believe that their and other's fictions of imagination are very real, even when these are totally proven not to be so. Believing in lies creates a very dangerous and potentially detrimental situation. One clear definition of insanity is inability to tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined. Unfortunately it looks like there are many insane people in this world, more than I ever imagined. I find this very troubling and hope and pray that these people come to their senses and will be able to tell the truth from the lies that some are willingly spreading to serve their own agendas.

I understand that to a certain degree truth is relative. But there are some basic truths and values that really ought not to be denied and ought to be respected if we ever wish to create a better world for all and continue living on this planet. We are part of nature and not its ruler and planet earth itself is a living entity that has the power to literally turn itself inside out and start all over again. In the big picture we are really very small, regardless the size of our egos, which most of the time are very self-centered and self-interested and serve a purpose in our individual survival and personal success but not necessarily in the survival of our species or other life forms on this planet.

By now we know that everything manifesting materially or in dense form, including us, is made of atoms and also that observation effects outcome (aka observer effect). This is fascinating and opens the door to many possibilities and potentials. Only recently have we learned about some aspects of how plants communicate and how mycelium is the largest living organism on earth. We live on an amazing planet in an amazing universe and we all have so much to learn and discover and also co-create.

I hope you will cultivate wonder in your life. All great manmade inventions have started in someone's imagination. So have all detrimental manmade creations. As artists and creative thinkers, let us all use our imaginations for the good of all life on this beautiful mother earth.

In my art I play a lot with different perspectives and different ways of looking and seeing. That is what my The Joy of Design Originals Series and The Joy of Design Mandala Series Puzzles and many other works by me are about. Nearly everything can be viewed, arranged and perceived differently. Very few things are only one way and nothing really stays the same forever. Change is constant, whether we perceive this or not. So, let us cultivate our ability to wonder and be passionate and appreciate the awesome adventure of being alive here and now.

From top to bottom and left to right the images here included with this blog are titled Finding The Goose That Laid The Egg, The Whole Story Part 1, The Whole Story Part 2, The Whole Story Part 3, The Whole Story Part 4 and Closer to Truth. The first image on top is an ink and pencil drawing on paper and the other works are created by manipulating and multiplying this drawing digitally. If you click on the titles of these images, the links will take you to FAA/Pixels, where you can find more information on these pieces. As always, contact me with any questions you might have. Thank you.

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