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Art in Pieces

When a curious party asked me about how I created the pieces in my Endless Perspectives series, this is what I answered: "My drawing, Endless Perspectives, was originally created as one drawing in four parts. Ink on paper, with marked divisions. After I finished this drawing, I cut the one drawing into the four defined parts and then scanned these drawings and now combine/digitally collage them with each other in many different ways, using the full scans or selected parts of them. I also create and have created inverted versions of these collages, as well as the original drawings. My context is changing perspectives by creating different combinations and even turning things upside down. I like the elements of surprise and pareidolia, which play a big part in my works overall. My aim is at seeing differently and recognizing forms/associations previously unseen or overlooked and not stopping at the first impression. Kind of like life unfolds in the eye and the mind of the viewer, whom I invite to consciously mirror their own realities and realizations while viewing my works. I hope this will reflect and reveal the fluid nature of consciousness and perhaps expand awareness and help overcome set ways of seeing. I hope people will explore and allow themselves to look and see in new and unexpected ways!"

This new series of drawings titled Endless Perspectives has been pushing my boundaries and at times has ended up puzzling me. As I previously stated, I started this new series with an ink drawing on paper that was divided into four somewhat equal sections. This being the first drawing I have created in this manner of design turned out to be a true learning experience for me. Challenges showed up. You see, once I completed the drawing in four parts, I cut it up into these four defined parts. Ends up that not all the drawings were exactly the same size, two of them being a little larger than six inches high and two of them being a little wider than four inches. This was not an issue when I used them individually, or even repeated one drawing as such or combined two of the same height, or when I put them together as the one original drawing in the same order I created them. The size issues became apparent when I was changing the placement of the individual drawings in the digital arrangements. So, I ended up having to tweak the sizes of the scans to make it possible to create well-functioning alterations. I am including two arrangements here to illustrate this blog, the original Endless Perspectives - Arrangement 1 and Endless Perspectives - Arrangement 4. I have created a new gallery titled Art in Pieces - Ink Drawings and Digital Arrangements, that so far has the originals, Endless Perspectives - Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3 and Part 4, and some variations created with these parts. All the originals stand as individual drawings in their own right and are available to purchase. The rest are digital compilations, to which you can buy limited rights to print and use, one or more. Contact me if you are interested in buying any or all of these, original ink on paper drawings and/or digital compilations created with the scans of the drawings.

I currently have another drawing in progress in two parts that follows the same principles. I call these Beauties and Beasts 1 and 2. I have also started another drawing in four parts. This time I made sure that all four parts were 6 by 4 inches in size and I bet that I can combine these with the tweaked to 6 by 4 Endless Perspective parts in near future, if I feel moved to do so. More news to follow in about a month, or maybe sooner.

Here are Endless Perspectives - Arrangement 1 and Endless Perspectives - Arrangement 4. I also invite you to check out the new Art in Pieces - Ink Drawings and Digital Arrangements gallery, which has some selected works. You can find this under the list of galleries in my Portfolio or by clicking on this link:

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