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Building Puzzles

For years now I have had this idea of creating puzzles that can potentially be altered without limit. They would be based on my The Joy of Design series of small square acrylic paintings, which are currently 65 in total number completed, out of the 100 that I am aiming at in the minimum. The way I see this developing is people buying sets of the individual paintings printed on small square thick paper or board, like i.e., two each of some chosen painting images and two each of the mirror images, aka Part 2s, or more or whatever number squared, like in example 100 times 4 totaling 400 pieces. This would allow for symmetrical arrangements and also asymmetrical arrangements, whatever is desired by the purchaser. Since all of these pieces are the same size and can be arranged in eight different directions each, this allows for nearly limitless potential with arrangements that everyone can customize to their own liking. Or optionally they could imitate arrangements that I have already created. Anyone using these building blocks would have maximum freedom in regard to what they might wish to build with the pieces.

With this project I am introducing a concept that I have not seen previously in the world of puzzles, totally customizable arrangements created with small printed images of my original paintings as the building blocks, combinations of which would be limited only by the imagination of the person building these puzzles and the amount of puzzle pieces/building blocks they will have at their use.

These individual pieces could be 1 square inch in size or 2 or more, depending on what size the final arrangements would end up being. I personally have created numerous arrangements using one inch square scans and digitally collaging them. So, yes, alterable digital applications would also be possible. I envision these to be some type of computer or smart phone solo games, yet to be developed.

Although I started creating the original The Joy of Design Series in 2012, developing these larger concepts is still active and in the early planning stages. Here below I am sharing some of my recent compilations created with the first scanned 64 paintings and their mirror images. In these images I am using 2 pieces of the originals and 2 pieces of the Part 2s both. Each one of these images is built with 4 times 64 original painting scans. This means that each of these artwork puzzles has 256 small painting images as building blocks in them.

You can view all of the currently published The Joy of Design 64 Quadrupled arrangements at FAA/Pixels by clicking on this link: At the point of writing this blog, I am yet to add the inverted and color variations of these works on FAA/Pixels.

If you are not previously familiar with my The Joy of Design artworks, I want you to know that all the original paintings in The Joy of Design Series are organic and geometric and figurative pattern abstractions ranging currently from 6 by 6 to 10 by 10 inches in size. These acrylic paintings are intended to be fun and beautiful eye candy with surreal and fantasy and decorative characteristics. They all can hang in any of the eight directions, either alone or in arrangements with each other. When these works are purchased as wall art in print format, nearly anything becomes possible in regard to creating either symmetrical or asymmetrical arrangements.

Please, contact me with any questions you might have. Also, as always, I appreciate your comments and likes. Thank you for reading my blogs!

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Jul 24, 2021

Your work is so beautiful and neat. It is fascinating to imagine all the possibilities that this puzzle opportunity gives the collectors. Awesome!!!

Helena Tiainen
Helena Tiainen
Jul 24, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much, Adriana!


Helena Tiainen
Helena Tiainen
Jul 23, 2021

To see more of what I have created and published in The Joy of Design originals and arrangements and variations to date check out

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