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Busy Painting

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

I have been working on several new paintings in my The Joy of Design Series. These are all 6 by 6 inches in size and I will be posting photos of them in near future, likely even if I do not consider them completed. Check out my blog post next Monday for these.

Life in Berkeley continues with Covid-19 restrictions. But I was surprised to see how crowded the outdoor areas in several restaurants were this past Saturday evening. As a matter of fact, so crowded that we changed our dinner plans because we did not want to deal with the crowds to pick up Thai food at Imm. So, we ended up getting some Louisiana cuisine from Angeline's in downtown Berkeley.

I hope that people are not getting overly reckless. Everyone seemed to be wearing masks but there definitely was no social distancing going on in the restaurants. A band was playing outdoors in front of Bobby G's on University Avenue and there was quite an audience in attendance. Of course, no parking places also played a role in the change in our plans. There seemed to be several restaurants on University Avenue with large crowds gathered outside. In Berkeley no indoor dining is allowed at this point. Greg and I both go out as little as possible and definitely avoid crowds. We are both very tired of this pandemic, but follow orders and recommendations in regard to trying to put an end to this virus.

I must admit that I have been feeling down and unmotivated. Maybe I am not getting enough sunlight and suffer from the blues because of this. Now that the weather is getting warmer, I hope to make an effort to take more walks outdoors. I need to lift my spirits somehow! I always feel better when I make art also. So, that is what I will be concentrating on this coming week.

What do you do to lift your spirits?

I have chosen May Creativity Be A Blessing to illustrate this blog. If you click on the image, you will learn more about this painting that is also for sale.

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2 commentaires

03 mars 2021

Hello Helen, great post. I find it so important to start the day with a positive outlook. Exercise and some breathing work. Then thinking about things I have to be grateful for and three things that make me want to thrive. It isn’t easy, when these drain you with energy but this certainty helps. It normally keeps me feeling positive most of the day. Stuart Bush

Helena Tiainen
Helena Tiainen
03 mars 2021
En réponse à

Thank you for sharing what you do to lift your spirits, Stuart! I appreciate your feedback.

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