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Changing Perspectives

This past week has been seemingly hurly-burly in the world. So many unfortunate events have been happening and there seems to be so much suffering going on that it is hard to keep one's emotions above the water. I often concentrate on what is not well or working and regret that this is my tendency when it comes to my thinking feeling patterns. I consciously know that I ought to concentrate on what I am grateful and thankful for and on what I want instead of what I do not want. I am trying to shift my focus onto what is working instead of problem solving, and this is no easy task for me.

I know that we live in a world of illusions. I feel this in my heart of hearts. I also know that in its very core all is one and not the illusions and seemingly separate forms that our senses show us. I also know that all perceptions happen in the eye and mind of the observer and all of us see the world and what happens here differently. We all have our own unique versions of what we call reality. And we have the power to shift our perceptions and see things differently by changing our perspectives.

This brings me to my latest completed drawing, which works displayed in all four main directions. I recently polled some of my Facebook friends asking them in which direction they preferred to see this image and was positively surprised that the preferences expressed were nearly equal, with 4-3-4-4 votes for the four different directions. This pencil and ink drawing titled Spellbound truly does work in all four directions and creates different impressions in all of them. In a very real way, this is four works in one. I have included all four directions in the gallery here and you can view more info in regard to this piece by clicking on the following link at FAA/Pixels where you can buy this art and more printed-on-demand on a variety of products:

We can change our perceptions and sometimes this means literally turning things upside down or sideways. Everything in this world has its seeming ups and downs, but perhaps, just like in the eye of a hurricane, there is a place of peace and harmony at the center of it all, where the formless intelligent potential that turns into all forms lives. I do believe that we have the ability to mold our understandings in order to create a better world for all, no matter how turbulent things may seem right now. But in order to accomplish this our focus needs to be on what we desire.

Please click on one of the four columns to see the full image of your choice. As always, I appreciate your interest and comments and likes. Do share, if you have something you wish to say! And yes, this original Spellbound drawing is for sale. Contact me, if you are interested.

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Sep 09, 2021

Dear Helena, As always your thoughts and meditations are so profound and relevant... Yes, the world is messy and tragedy and sadness are in abundance. I agree with you that we need to work internally to focus in the blessings we have especially as artists since we have the power of beauty in our souls and studios... I like the parallelism with the various perspectives individuals have and the results from your poll regarding your recent art. The work is beautiful!!! Looking forward to seeing more of these blog posts and art!!!!

Sep 17, 2021
Replying to

my pleasure, Helena!!!


Helena Tiainen
Helena Tiainen
Sep 03, 2021

I recommend that you view this blog on a computer and not a phone. It is much harder to get the full effects of the four alternative directions on the small screen of a phone. These show up much better on the larger screen of a computer. I have also added this Spellbound drawing in the In Black and White Gallery in my Portfolio displayed in the original direction in which it was created.

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