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Little by Little aka One Step at a Time

Two weeks have gone by since I wrote my last blog. Time truly does fly, doesn't it! You might recall that I made a promise to blog once every two weeks in order to not overload myself and give more time to making my art. But somehow life has managed to cram up on me again and although I have created much digital art and designs, my acrylic painting has not progressed quite as much as I wished it would in these past two weeks. However, I did finish my The Joy of Design LXIII and The Joy of Design LXIV paintings and have made progress with many works I am working on, which are numerous more The Joy of Design series paintings, two more at 6 by 6 inches and four at 8 by 8 in size. I have also been working on a still life painting and another one with a hand. Occasionally I like to paint plants and fruit and nature in a more representational way than my usually very abstract and surreal fantasy and pattern abstractions.

To my personal dismay I often experience melancholy and sadness. In particular in times of great difficulty, such as the last fourteen months have presented. I am sad over the pain that human beings inflict on each other. I am sad over the suffering in this world and so wish that we would have systems that call out the best in all of us instead of so often the lowest denominators. I wish that there was more awareness and kindness in this world. I wish that life was not so hard for so many and that greed was not so plentiful. I wish that times were not so tough. I know that to a large degree I can look for the opportunity in these challenges instead of concentrating on the hardship. But so much seems to be totally out of my control, which often makes me feel small and powerless.

Yes, to a large degree I have become very aware of how little power I have over anyone else's experience than my own. And sometimes my emotions have me instead of me having them. But I can still practice kindness and treat those with whom I come into contact with respect and care. And I can do all of this while staying true to myself. Maybe these small ripples will create something good in this great big world. I hope they will.

I have chosen my two recently completed paintings in The Joy of Design series to illustrate this blog. So, here are The Joy of Design LXIII and The Joy of Design LXIV, which are now also in The Joy of Design Series Gallery here on my site and The Joy of Design Series Originals Gallery at FAA/Pixels, where you can purchase these images printed customized on a variety of products. The originals are for sale. Contact me, if you have any questions.

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May 26, 2021

Dear Helena,

What a thoughtful and candid post. Indeed in the world today there is still so much cruelty, injustice, and unfairness, no matter how much we as a society talk and try to fix things... We hoped that this past 14 months would teach us something but hope is scarce on that subject as those who are coming out of the pandemic go back to old bad habits and forget the lessons of compassion we supposedly learnt...

You are such a sensitive soul with so much creativity and potential for beauty in your hands. Trust the ripple effect. It is all we can do. Continue to show your love in the form of words, thoughts and images and…

Helena Tiainen
Helena Tiainen
May 27, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so very much, Adriana, for your kind words and support!💕

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