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Much Ado About Everything

Let me start by saying that the last month or so was too filled with things that just needed to be handled, stressful and time consuming and boring things that involve paperwork and appointments and so on. I am sure you know what I am talking about. These are things most of us would rather not have to handle, but we must in order to avoid trouble. Well, my April this year was filled with obligations and by now I am starting to feel a little bit more freedom and relief. But there are times that I wish that I could take a vacation from my life, or at least a vacation and travel, which I have not been able to do for various reasons in a seemingly long time. My last overnight trip out of town was almost eighteen months ago and now I have a serious cabin fever.


Luckily though I have been able to draw and do digital art, both of which are something I can do for an hour or two without large preparations or interruptions or fear of exposed acrylic paints drying before I get to use them up in a painting or paintings I am working on. I tend to mix many of my own colors, so, trying to save them is difficult. Except for making permanent marks, inks are forgiving, at least the micron types that I use. It is so easy to grab a pen and draw some lines. It is easy to stop and return later, if need be. I simply love to draw. Yes, drawing was my first love when it comes to art media and I love it so much that sometimes I find it hard to stop. But this can happen to me with any media, when I am in the flow.


I am working on a new concept and I recently completed four small drawings that started as one drawing on paper that I later cut into four. I will be doing digital arrangements with these drawings much in the style of the compilations in my The Joy of Design series. But I wish to point out that none of the paintings in my TJOD series started as one larger work, they became this afterwards in the arrangements I created later, after completing the original acrylics and scanning them. So, I guess we could say that I am doing this process in reverse from the paintings with these drawings. I also want to point out that the one drawing was originally divided into four parts, so, this is the way it was planned and the divisions were marked and did not happen by chance or decisions made in afterthought.


Here is the original Endless Perspectives - Part 1* and its inverted version and some works that I have created with these by now. Endless Perspectives - Part 2 and 3 and 4 and their derivative compilations are currently unpublished. When I feel ready I will publish these. So, there will be more to come in the future, including the four parts combined into one. From what I can tell, this story has only just begun.

*Original drawing is offered for sale. Contact me for details at

This is the first one of the images on the left on your computer screen and the one on top left on your mobile.


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May 20

Dear Helena,

It seems this Spring/April has been crazy for all of us.! Glad you seem to become more free now and ready to try this approach with your work. Beautiful work! So happy to witness your journey, your story, as it unfolds 🥰. Have a great and creative rest of May!


Helena Tiainen
Helena Tiainen
May 20
Replying to

Thank you, Adriana, for your kind words and wishes! All the best to you!

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