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Making Choices

This blog is likely the only one I will write until April 26. I have been thinking about the weekly blogging I have been doing since February 8 and have come to the conclusion that this takes away quite a bit of time from my artmaking. So, at least for now, I will start blogging every two weeks, unless something compels me to blog more often. Eventually I also wish to publish a newsletter, which I am planning to do once a month. But seriously, my focus should be on making art and promoting my art, since I am not planning on becoming a writer. Do not get me wrong, I like writing and I learn much by blogging, but it is time consuming and I have to prioritize. I find myself in a situation where I am not able to do everything that I need to do and this is increasing stress in my life, which is the last thing I need at this point.

This brings me to the fact that life is all about making choices and this is not always an easy task. Right now I am pondering over what art I will choose to illustrate this blog. In my mind I am bouncing back and forth between an ink drawing I recently completed and a bunch of unfinished paintings. We shall see which choice will win since I am leaving this decision until I have finished writing this blog. Right now I seem to lack clarity in regard to what to do.

Okay, a few hours have passed and my choice has now become clear. I am publishing the ink drawing, There Is Beauty In Innocence, that I just completed a few days ago to accompany this blog. I feel like in a world so full of despair and suffering all healing images and artworks are highly desirable. So, I am sharing this drawing, which is 12 by 9 inches in size and is drawn on acid free paper with archival inks. This piece is currently unmatted and unframed but matting and framing can be handled. Click on the drawing to find out more, or contact me with your questions at or any of the other contact options here on this site or at Fine Art America/Pixels.

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