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New Design Challenge

First of all, Happy Lunar New Year 2023! May the coming year bring you much happiness!!!

I thought it would be appropriate for me to inform you that The Year of the Rabbit 2023, a Spoonflower design challenge, is now open and public voting is on until January 24, 3 PM EST.

I am participating in this "Year of the Rabbit" design challenge that celebrates the Lunar Chinese New Year with a repeated image design created with my nontraditional "TJOD Wild Hare 1 Full Portrait" mixed media art. You can view the designs and cast your votes here via this link: . I and the other Spoonflower designers thank you for taking the time to view and vote for your favorites.

I am attaching my image and design here as well as a link to FAA/Pixels where you can purchase this original art image printed on a variety of products:

Thank you so very much for reading my blogs and postings and participating with your likes and comments and perhaps in this case also with votes! I appreciate and value you and your input.

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