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Nothing Seems Simple Now

Clearly the turbulent times in the world continue in spite of so many pleas for peace and justice. We truly live in very challenging times where so many rights we have taken for granted in the western world now seem to be seriously threatened. Mankind appears to be suffering from various forms of madness, ranging from increased violence and hatred to extreme egotism and fanaticism. I have never lived in times like this before and I hope and pray that this is all just the dark before the dawn or the proverbial s..t hitting the fan before things turn for better. Awakenings can be painful and significant change rarely happens smoothly without any struggle. But no matter what, the world seems to be at a turning point and I sincerely wish that wise choices will be made by those in power. The world is watching... From a positive viewpoint, this could be an opportunity to heal many injustices in this world. But this kind of change needs to come from love and not from hatred. I think it is of utmost importance to know what motivates us into action because our thinking and feeling patterns define our actions and inactions. A few days ago I was drawing in my stream of consciousness style. It always initially surprises me what shows up in this flow. But it also makes total sense to me to see the results since I am very influenced by what has been happening in this world and this spontaneously shows up in my figurative abstract drawings. I am extremely concerned about both human and animal rights and also over what humanity is doing to the environment. I am concerned about the human race imposing its selfish will on the land and on each other and on all life forms on this planet without thinking about the good of the all and the generations to come (in case we do not self-destruct). Here is my latest drawing, completed on July 15, 2022. I call this 'Nothing Simple'. If you are interested in getting this drawing, contact me for details at Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and maybe also comment! I appreciate you and wish you well.

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20.07.2022 г.

Dear Helena,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and emotions resulting from these extremely challenging times for humankind and all natural livings on our planet. Realizing that the pendulum of empathy, peace, true human progress, and environmental and social justice is going the wrong way can be really overwhelming and depressing. I hear you and agree with you at so many levels. You should be proud of yourself that can express your emotions through your words here and your compelling art. Keep creating and sharing. The world, including those in power, is listening!

Helena Tiainen
Helena Tiainen
20.07.2022 г.
Отговаряне на

Thank you, Adriana, for your ongoing friendship and support of my artistic expressions!

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