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Recently Completed Works and Sales

I have another website that offers printed-on-demand products ranging from wall art to personal items and home decor and so much more. I post here frequently and you will find my recently completed published works on this site. FAA/Pixels offers sales on a regular basis, but unfortunately I do not get notification on these sales prior to the events taking place. Today, on June 11, 2023 there is a sale going on until midnight EST. If you are interested, you can take advantage of this 20% off all products offer or keep an eye on future sales to come. Please, note that these sales only apply to printed products and not my original artworks. If you wish to buy original art by me, please, contact me directly and I can offer you the same discount, 20% off, on my original works until June 30, midnight PST. Mention "The June Deal" in your message to me and I will be glad to honor it. I also offer payment plans in regard to larger purchases. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have in regard to my art. Should you encounter issues connecting to my website at FAA/Pixels, you can also gain access via

I appreciate your interest and comments. The slideshow here will take you to my website at Fine Art America/Pixels, if you click on it:

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2 commentaires
13 juin 2023

Dear Helena,

You are so productive and your work has such a fantastic vibrance and vibe! It is art that fills our souls and curiosity… I wish you the best of lucks with the sale!!! I look forward to bringing my beach towel with your design to the seaside soon! Remain awesome, my friend!



Helena Tiainen
Helena Tiainen
13 juin 2023
En réponse à

Thank you so very much for your encouraging support and kind words, Adriana❣️

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