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Selective Seeing

I am behind in writing this monthly blog. Mainly because I have not had a clear idea of what I would write about this time. The acrylic paintings I have been working on are still in progress. Perhaps one of them is now completed, but I will not know so until I truly feel so. Since I do not wish to share photos of my works in progress today, I am left in a dilemma in regard to what to share about. So, after some soul searching, I have now decided to share about constructing and choosing what to focus on in my The Joy of Design series.

As we all know, life is about ebb and flow, about coming and going, about forming and dissolving and so many opposites and everything in between. In this blog I am going to focus on these concepts in connection to one of my ongoing series of art titled The Joy of Design, on which I have been working since 2012. For many years I have been concentrating on creating the small square original handmade paintings on canvas and documenting them by scanning or photographing these artworks, all of which are designed to hang in any of the eight directions and can also be reversed digitally to enable symmetrical mandala like arrangements and so much more. I have been using these scans/photos to create a large variety of digital compilations and arrangements in original and altered colors.

I have always been noticing so many variations of fantasy beings and magical creatures in these compilations, which I have created with multiple scans of chosen images in my TJOD series. Recently it occurred to me that I could bring into focus some of these beings that I see by blurring other chosen parts of the image and emphasizing the parts that I want people to really pay attention to and notice. In the past few weeks I have created several mixed media digital images that do just that and I am sharing some of these here with you.

In a metaphorical way, we always have a focus, whether we are conscious of this or not. We cannot take in all the information we receive through our senses all at once. Without focus we could not cope and everything would be chaotic. In order to manage, we have to have a focus and focusing itself is a survival mechanism geared towards keeping us as sane and safe and sound as possible. We also now know that there is much that we do not perceive through our senses such as the particles that are invisible to our naked eye but are the building blocks of all material world ever in existence. As a matter of fact, all human sense perceptions are very limited in regard to all that is. The same goes for other animals, their sense perceptions are geared toward what is important to their species to survive and thrive. In a very real way, on this planet, we all live in our own little universes.

If you are interested in getting any of these artworks in this blog in print or digital format, please, contact me. You can view more of my art in the galleries under Portfolio here at And also at and

Thank you for reading this blog. If you wish to comment or express your likes, feel free to do so. I appreciate your feedback and support of my artistic endeavors and explorations!

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Jun 20, 2022

As always, thank you for your observations, Helena! Focusing is also essential in our thoughts so we can eliminate the clutter and overload of ideas, fears, etc that could make us feel anxious at any given time...I loved seeing your variations here... Your work is magnetic... Keep up the awesome work!

Helena Tiainen
Helena Tiainen
Jun 20, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so very much for your great comments and observations, Adriana. Yes, focusing on every level of our experience, whether ideas or thoughts or emotions or observations is essential for successful survival and for creating and reaching any goals. We can choose what we give power to and there are times that it is best to just say "thank you" to our own thoughts and move on. In life we always have to make choices and If we are not centered, we might be just helplessly spinning around, which is not ideal in long term! But to change anything, we first have to recognize it. These are ongoing lessons in life. I personally feel most centered when I am…

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