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Something Different

I do not usually paint still life paintings. But spring is in the air, particularly today with a warm sun and clear blue sky and record breaking temperatures and I feel compelled to share my painting titled Orange Fruit in a Pink Bowl with you here illustrating this post.

I have been working on this painting on and off for a couple of years, and now finally completed it. The background has been a challenge for me and I have kept working on it over and over again until recently I came up with the idea of semi abstract pink flowers and dots. Out of the blue this was something that occurred to me to try. Just so that you know, I always get ideas on what to do next while I am working. One thing leads to another in my intuitive process, and often totally new ideas come through in the flow. I usually follow and try out the ones that feel good to me, the ones that have a sense of "yes" to them. More often than not, these turn out to be good choices in regard to a desirable outcome.

Like the song by The Supremes states: "You can't hurry love - No, you just have to wait - You got to trust, give it time - No matter how long it takes", you also can't hurry a painting without likely messing it up. Making art demands a certain degree of surrender, just like love and life do.

Many years ago I used to love to paint fruit and flowers because these represented to me some of the most beautiful and delicious sides of life. Nowadays fruit and flowers are likely to appear in my art in a more abstracted and metaphorical fashion. They still present to me the desirable things in life, but usually are not all of the subject matter in any of my works, whether painting or drawing or any other medium. But every now and then I feel compelled and inspired to paint just flowers and/or fruit.

I hope you enjoy my painting and I wish you a wonderful month ahead. If you wish to support my art in Migration - 2021 Exhibition and Publication, please, take a while to rate and/or review my art via this link: or . I also invite you to do so for any of the participating artists and works you like at

If you are interested in purchasing any of my originals, please, contact me at or through contact options offered on this website in About section. You can buy many of my artworks printed-on-demand on a variety of products at FAA/Pixels at

As always, thank you for your support!

Orange Fruit in a Pink Bowl by Helena Tiainen. Acrylic on canvas. 12 by 12 inches. Date of Completion: 2/13/2022. Contact me at to purchase this original or to make any inquiries.

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