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Turning Frustration Into Creativity

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Yesterday, March 21, was one of those days when nothing seemed to work out as expected in our household. The day was full of futility and frustration, but outside it was a true spring day and the whole world seemed to be around and about trying to get the most out of the truly beautiful day. I know this because we were trying to get Greg to his COVID-19 vaccination window of opportunity, but could not find a parking place where this was supposed to happen and traffic overall was amazingly busy. This traffic included Emeryville Marina, where we were hoping to take a walk but cancelled this idea due to too many people walking on the narrow paths and picnicking on lawns and again, no parking spots were available. Just so that you know, Greg now has another appointment scheduled on Thursday and hopefully this will work out as planned. Nothing is certain in California nowadays, especially getting vaccinated, but hope springs eternal...

I was also not able to complete anything I started online on Sunday. I got error messages and got cut off over and over again. Part of me felt like I should have just stayed in bed. Yes, this past Sunday was one of those days for me and my life partner. But since I was up and awake, I decided to take the bull by the horns and tend to the issues at hand. So, first came scanning and defragmentation of my PC and this enabled me to complete some previously unfinished tasks. The remedy of defragmentation often works, since PCs tend to get fragmented and become slow and fickle, much like people with stressful lives. I only wish that it was so easy to reset myself when there is too much going on and nothing seems to be working as planned!

Regardless of Sunday's challenges, I ended up painting until wee hours of the morning. Nighttime is often my most creative time. I like to make art when most people are asleep and there is a different kind of silence in the air. I have always been a night owl. Ever since I can remember I breathe easier at night. That is just the way I am built. And except for the fact that I live on a different kind of schedule than most of the world, this works well for me.

So, after last night's painting, I have now completed The Joy of Design LVIII, which I am including here in this blog. This is a painting that I also enjoyed in progress and I have saved a scan of this unfinished work that I will be able to use in my digital as well as mixed media works and designs when I wish.

The completed TJOD LVIII is six by six inches in size. It is acrylic on canvas and is available for sale. You can find it in my The Joy of Design Series Gallery in my portfolio. You can also buy it printed on a variety of products at Fine Art America/Pixels. Just click on the image to see more. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via any of the contact options offered. I thought I should mention that for whatever reason, the reds in the scan are not as vibrant as the ones in the original, which has some very brilliant reds. This likely has to do with the undertones in the painting, which can show through in scans. However, I consider this scan to be close enough in presentation to the original painting to publish.

Just out of curiosity, what are your most creative times of the day? I appreciate you sharing!


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