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Why Do I Create Art?

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

I could start with a simple statement: "I create art because I can." You see, there is so much in life over which I seem to have absolutely no control and I find this very frustrating when in my humble opinion there is so much that could be improved in this world. Making art allows me always to bring about something new and allows me to give form to my imagination and subconscious in a way that nothing else I have tried so far can. As long as I have an idea of what the first form created might be, the art seems to take on a life of its own and one form leads to another, quite literally so. Many of my works could be labeled stream of consciousness and even if I have an idea that seems to encompass the whole painting or drawing from the start, the end results will always undoubtedly surprise me. I absolutely love those unexpected moments of awe, both in the process as well as when the end product seems successful to me. These are the kind of surprises I yearn for in the process of making art and also in life at large! I love the unexpected turns that bring about something more and better than I ever consciously expected. These to me are magic moments without which life would likely be quite dull!

I am aware that when making art, I am the one pushing the paint or ink or pencil. I make the decisions on when to stop and start and with what to carry on. Often these cues come to me in the process. It is exactly as they say, you do not need to know the end result, you only need to take the next step. And even a trip of one thousand miles starts with the first step and continues one step at a time (if accomplished by foot). Everything on this planet is truly happening moment to moment and I have come to realize that I cannot rush any art to its conclusion. Each piece takes its own sweet time to arrive where it needs and wants to be. And when it does, it tells me so. Then all I have to do is recognize this and stop working on the art. Over the years I have also come to realize that I am a vessel. That which comes through me has more knowledge and wisdom that I personally do. I am compelled to create, because if I don't do so for a while, I become upset and depressed and seem to temporarily lose my purpose. Making art to me is meditation and play and very healing when I am in the flow. It is silent and rewarding therapy. Artmaking also has its dark moments when I do not seem to be able to get out of my own way. I would definitely have to state that making art has taught me much about the process of living. This practice, just like many other practices, can be an amazing mirror and so far I am impressed by the reflections I can recognize. Curiosity is the fuel that feeds my love for art. And so is gratitude and love of beauty and harmony and strange and peculiar things.

To me making art is ongoing discovery and any sales that happen are the icing on the cake. The painting I just completed and choose to illustrate this blog with is titled The Joy of Design LIX. This painting, which is available, is number 59 in The Joy of Design Series of small square paintings on canvas, all of which are designed to hang in any of the eight directions either alone or in groupings with each other. You can find out more info about this painting in The Joy of Design Series Gallery here on my website under Portfolio or you can click on the image/link to see the custom printed products available with this image at Fine Art America/Pixels. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

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